Doctors BackOffice Services
WebOfficeMD Services

WebOfficeMD, is a doctors’ backoffice services provider for doctors practice.  We offer time/cost saving services as follows:

               Medical Billing 

                 Medical Billling @ 3.5% with free EHR (save up to 80% on your medical billing cost)

      •   FREE Practice Fusion™ EMR Software,  qualify for $44,000+ Meanigful Use  incentive
      •  Avoid 1-3%  Medicare Penalties , we set you up to comply with eRx (e-prescription)
      • EMR-Ready  web-based integrated Practice Management/Billing software (Kareo.com)
                            With our billig software Kareo,  your patient information can be     
                            transferred to our free EHR (Practice Fusion) software  should you decide to implement it later on.
                                     Kareo-Billing Software Features
                                                          Click HERE:http://www.kareo.com/features

                            Here is a demonstration of the tight integration of our billing software (Kareo) and 
                            Practice Fusion, they are designed to integrate seamlessly:

                                     Kareo/Practice Fusion Integration Demo: 

                                                  Click HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CidOJx5AGk8 

               EHR (Electronic Health Records) implementation consultation. 

                  Free consultation and planning on implementation of EHR for your practice.

                  Practice Fusion,  is a free Electronic Health Record (EHR) with all the features to run your
                  practice: e-prescribing, charting, scheduling, referrals, secure messaging, document
                  management and more.

                                Practice Fusion Features 
                                      Click HERE:http://www.practicefusion.com/pages/ehr_features.html

                   You could start using/evaluating Practice fusion live in five minutes, that's what it take to get
                  you  started, click below:

                               Create your Free Practice Fusion Account:


          Medical Transcription

                 We provide web-based, time/cost saving medical transcription service at 8 cents/line to 
                 (Office-Based) Medical Professionals throughout the United States. Save up to 80% on your
                 transcription cost


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