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WebOfficeMD - Medical Billing Service Feature in Details:

     We charge only 3.5% of what we collected (we don’t charge you for your co-payments you collected, we post 
     them on  the billing system as part of our service)

    Billing Process Transparency – it’s your practice, you own your data so you should have full access and control, 
    you can monitor our progress, see how quick we submit your claims, how quick we fix rejections and how quick 
    we  follow-up on denials

   You can keep your existing EMR and/or Billing Software –  you don’t have to change EMR and/or Billing software 
   in order to avail of our service

   We communicate with patients directly, when we need additional information from the patient(s) we call them
   directly, and they call us back directly thru a toll free number, saving your staff time from answering billing-related
   phone calls

   We will avail electronic-remittance-advice (ERA ) services from all insurance companies that provides them

   Pro-active EOB posting
, if an insurance company don’t provide ERA but still sends EOBs, we don’t require you to
   send/fax EOBs to us (for most of the major insurance companies), we will set you an account for on insurance
   company’s website pull all the EOBs directly (saving you time scanning then sending and/or faxing them to us)

   On-time payment posting of ERAs and EOBs – we post them within 24-hours

   Appeals – we will file an appeal to the insurance companies if the payment(s) you received are substantially lower
   then what is on your Fee Schedule(s).

   Our Goal is to Increase your Revenue:HOW? By freeing you from billing related tasks (usually requires a fulltime
   staff), you can spend more time seeing more patients or  simply have more free time for you to enjoy any way you 

   Leveraging technology: (EMR-Practice Fusion, Kareo Billing or others) makes the billing process less
   burdensome, over 95% of all claims are submitted electronically, thus, making the billing process faster and more
  efficient.  Most billing firms have cut their cost by at least 50% leveraging technology, but they still charge you as if
  everything is done manually by paper.  Our corporate mission is to leverage technology and provide “high value”
  (high quality, high reliability, cost-effective) billing service.


TOO BUSY WORKING? Please take a moment to do the math on your Billing Cost











Monthly Savings

 Monthly Payments

Cost @ 3.5%

Cost@ 5%

Cost @ 7%

   3.5% vs 5%

    3.5% vs 7%

 $            100,000.00

 $  3,500.00

 $  5,000.00

 $    7,000.00

 $  1,500.00

 $       3,500.00

 $            150,000.00

 $  5,250.00

 $  7,500.00

 $  10,500.00

 $  2,250.00

 $       5,250.00

 $              50,000.00

 $  1,750.00

 $  2,500.00

 $    3,500.00

 $     750.00

 $       1,750.00







Most Doctors Says:"We are Happy with our current Billers"









We Say: "You can be happy with us too, with $1,000.00 - $6000.00


                          or MORE on your pocket without working any harder"




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