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Transcription Service Features


We provide web-based, time/cost saving medical transcription service to (Office-Based) Medical Professionals throughout the United States.

Our customers typically saves up to 60% on their medical transcription cost.  

            How Does It Work?
    • Upon signing up for our service, your Account will be setup and we provide you a User-ID and Password that give you access to our secured website.  You can use this access to upload your dictation from a digital recorder or do your dictation by phone whichever is your preference.
    • You can do your dictations anytime/anywhere wherever there is a telephone  line  and/or Internet access.  You phone-in your dictations and/or upload from a digital  recorder (provided for your use free), your dictations will be processed overnight and available the next  day  in Microsoft Word document.

Service Features and Benefits:           
·         8 cents per line 

                            ·         24 hour turn-around-time


                            ·         Toll Free phone dictation and/or dictate thru Digital Recorder


                            ·         High quality transcription


                            ·         Secure web-based HIPAA compliant system that uses 128 bit SSL encryption


                            ·         No extra charge for header/footer or special formatting


                            ·         No set up fees or special equipment needed


                            ·         Free one week trial

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